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Ready for everything

This fall two new «Battle Groups» are preparing for their six months stand-by period for the EU. Under the motto «ad omnia paratus», or «ready for everything», two thousand personnel from Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Ireland – and Norway – are gearing up for possible deployment in the spring of 2011. The EU has developed… » read more

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Talks between Swiss and EU leaders have lead to a debate on Switzerland’s relationship with the EU, such as in Euractiv’s «Switzerland ponders scenarios for future EU relations» (22 July). One solution that is being put forward is that of a «Swissified» EEA agreement, the EEA agreement being the link between EU and the three… » read more

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Norway’s «gag rules»

“So, when is Norway joining the EU?” That question surely comes a Norwegian’s way quite often when studying the EU abroad. However, with two negative referendums in the bag, as well as a strong opposition against membership, it might seem distant. Nevertheless, Norwegian integration into the EU is taking place anyway without a lot of… » read more

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